Snorting 325 5 vicodin

Vicodin 7.5/750 = norco 7.5/325? ChaCha Answer: Vicodin is a bit stronger. They both have the same amount of narcotic pain reliever i.

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yes. vicodin is the brand name for the mix of hydrocodone(the good stuff) and apap aka Tylenol or the bad stuff depending on the amount of vicodin your snorting there .

387 Hydrocodone Watson > Looking for Vicodin Hydrocodone and detailed. Also additional, example Apap Bitartrate Hydrocodone or hydrocodone drug information etc.

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Best Answer: Well Vicodin belongs in the Opiate family right along with Heroin and codeine. It can be highly addictive. Them more he snorts it the more he will want .

Does snorting oxycodone 7.5 make you feel good? ChaCha Answer: You should consult your doctor for the amount that

Snorting 325 5 vicodin

can be taken in a d. i have a friend who just told .

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How strong is roxicet 5-325. Tylenol 4 or Roxicet? Pain Management. They do make hydrocodone products in 5/325, 7.5/325 and to my doctor's that I don't want anything .

Is vicodin 7.5 /750 the same as norco 7.5/325? ChaCha Answer: Both are hydrocodone Snorting 325 5 vicodin and acetaminophen Generally the doses are :Vicodin.

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Get this: I had one member PM me to move/remove this thread, and I had one member ask me where the heck it Snorting 325 5 vicodin went? It's over on The

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